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10305 Bluewater Highway, Lowell MI, 49331... (M-21 halfway between Lowell and Saranac) [see map]
- Joe Fremer, Pastor - 616-897-8307 -

Liturgical Worship in a Traditional Style

Our Sunday morning worship services are almost always one of the Divine Service settings from our main hymnal, Lutheran Service Book. Once in a while we will have something not out of the hymnal. We don't use a praise band. We don't use an overhead projector. We use organ, piano, or (a single) guitar to accompany the singing, and we aren't afraid to sing a capella (just voices). More on this in a later edition of this page; come back again! During the church year seasons of Advent (four weeks before Christmas) and Lent (seven weeks before Easter) we also have Wednesday services that are shorter and less formal.

God is holy, yet merciful (because of Jesus). We worship this holy, yet merciful God, through worship that is orderly and dignified, as befits His nature, yet also joyful and humble. We seek to avoid the twin extremes of stuffy-ness and showy-ness.

Dress code?

God is more interested in your heart than in your clothes; still, people sometimes wonder how to dress for worship when they visit a new church. For worship at Good Shepherd, wear what you feel nicely dressed in, for we all want to give God our best. Some wear suits, some wear jeans, most wear nice casual clothing.