More Advice on Bible Reading

Ok, a little more on Bible Reading. For just general reading, you want a Bible that is easy to read. There are two ways I mean that:

  1. the language is easy to read. Once in a while I like to read the King James Version, but it's work! When I just want to cruise through a few chapters of the Bible, I pick something in modern English. I like the Good News Bible (Today's English Version), but there's also The Living Bible, "The Message," things like that.
  2. the pages aren't cluttered up with all kinds of stuff. There are study Bibles with all kinds of tiny little letters for footnotes and cross-references right in the text, and I find that gets in the way of Bible Reading. It's like speed bumps! I want to cruise! Then, too, many Bibles are being marketed today with specialized additional material. Like, right in the middle of Ruth, there might be a one-page devotion for dating teens, or people who just got divorced, etc. There are teen Bibles and jock Bibles and Bibles for women and Bibles for men and Bibles for people in the Army, or in jail, or in college... you get the idea. (I haven't seen a Bible for computer nerds yet but I should probably get to work on it soon...) Ok, those things might be helpful, but they were written by humans, not God, and if I have to skip over that, sometimes my train of thought gets interrupted. I also like a Bible where the text is written all the way across the page, instead of in two columns, but I guess I'm particular.
Bible Reading Guide Here's a thing called a Bible Reading Checklist in Adobe PDF format (requires you to have Adobe Reader, click here to get it. It's just a way to see where you've been reading. Say, you just got finished reading Luke 11 and 12. So you would draw an X through those numbers on the sheet. It's a way to see what books you've been hitting, and keeps you from going back over old ground. It is really more helpful if you are picking chapters at random, but even if you aren't, it's kind of fun to see how much you've read.

That's it for now!