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The navigation box above is colored blue, the color of the paraments (cloths that decorate the altar) for the Advent season. (Many churches use the older color purple for this season. Fine! We mean no offense to those whose altar paraments are purple today.) This season is a period of anticipation; it leads us to its climax in the Festival of the Nativity, also called "Christmas." The word "advent" means Coming, and during Advent we meditate on three "comings" of Jesus, God's Son:

The color blue reminds us of infinity ("the sky's the limit," i.e., without limit) and eternity. Yet the infinity of space, where it touches our planet, becomes visible to us as a thin blue mantle around our world. Likewise, the infinite Son of God has touched our finite created universe in His Incarnation. Think of the deep blue color of the pre-dawn sky, and the anticipation it creates in your heart.

10305 Bluewater Highway, Lowell MI, 49331... (M-21 halfway between Lowell and Saranac) [see map]
- Joe Fremer, Pastor - 616-897-8307 -

About us: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a conservative Lutheran church that combines traditional Lutheran worship with serious Bible-based teaching in a friendly atmosphere. We seek to avoid the two extremes: not too stuffy, and not too showy: in other words, just right!

BLESSED ADVENT to you from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church!

Come back here frequently for updates on resources that you can use to stay close to Jesus, our Good Shepherd!

GOOD SHEPHERD has resumed in-person worship services.

Please wear a mask! And if you don't feel well, please don't attend!
Divine Service is at 10:30am.
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service December 24th at 7:30pm.
Christmas Day Service 10:30am.

Apostles CreedThe text of the Apostles' Creed as a .PDF file you can download and print for practice, so you're ready when someone asks you about your faith.

new!VIDEO SERMONS from Good Shepherd's our brand new YouTube channel, audio MP3s of the sermons, and other useful items for staying in the Word of God, are now available on our new page, Sermons Etc.. NOTE: now that in-person divine services have resumed, the videos are recordings of the sermon from these. Due to the time it takes to process them and upload them to Youtube, the soonest a Sunday sermon video recording will become available is on Tuesday afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

CPH videoTake a look at "What Is Advent?", from the Concordia Publishing House YouTube channel, a brief video explaining the season of the Church Year that leads us up to Christmas.

KFUO RadioOne resource that you can access right away:, from the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, offers worship services, Bible studies, and much, much more! Definitely worth checking them out!

funky old TV -- VIDEO INVITATION -- View a brief invitation video from Pastor Joe which was made a few years ago. Thanks to the Michigan District for making this possible.

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Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. --Jesus